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Shaukat Avionics & Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

We are one of the leading company in the field of Communications and Technology related solution and support.

Our Vision

Shaukat Avionics aspires to strengthen it's position even further in the international defense market while maintaining it's special relationship & contact with the Pakistan Defence Forces.

Business Ethics

It's the policy of Shaukat Avionics to maintain the highest level of professional & ethical conduct in our business affairs. We place the utmost importance on our reputation for honesty, integrity & high standards.


Innovation is not only a driving force that comes from within the company but also involves the close interaction with customers, partners, academics & research centers in order to effectively manage the value chain.


Featured Products

Our Highlighted Products Actively

ByShaukat Avionics Oct 17, 2019


Wide Band Communication Receiver

ByShaukat Avionics Sep 28, 2019


The AN/PVS-7 is a single tube night vision device. Third generation image intensifiers are standard for military night vision.

ByShaukat Avionics Sep 28, 2019

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity.

ByShaukat Avionics Sep 28, 2019

Walkie Talkie Sets

A walkie-talkie is a half-duplex communication device. Multiple walkie-talkies use a single radio channel.