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Two Way Radio Repairs And Servicing

Communication is vital in succeeding in today’s corporate world. Don’t fall behind due to failing communication systems and devices. Let SHAUKAT Avionics & Communications (Pvt) Ltd look after all your two way radio repairs and radio servicing, so you can once again rely on your communications system. By igniting the restoration of your corporate communication system, you will not only see the efficiency and financial benefits of two-way radios, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call on the services of SHAUKAT Avionics & Communications (Pvt) Ltd earlier.

Our 2 way radio repairs team are able to repair and service all two-way radios including Motorola, Tait, Kenwood, Icom, Simocco and HYT (Hytera) two-way radios to name a few. We can also repair and service two way radio accessories such as microphones, earpieces and headsets.

Our 2 way radio maintenance is carried out in a timely manner, as we know the importance of having flowing communications in order. If required we can also provide rental radios tuned to the same frequencies as your existing radios while they are in for repair.

Getting Your Radio Repaired is Simple, Just follow the four steps below:

Submit ouur Repair Details Form.
Fill in all your details and include the suspected fault.
Carefully box up the radio and include the Repair Details Form.
Dispatch the item to us.

What happens then:

Once we receive your radio it will be processed immediately through our service department.
Radios that can be repaired for less than 1000.00 inc GST (excluding any delivery fees) will be repaired.
Radios requiring a repair greater than 1000.00 will be quoted.
Then faxed or emailed to you for your approval.

Now your radio is repaired:

Simply pay the amount owing by cheque or direct deposit.
Your Radio will be dispatched back to your required delivery address.