Burglar Alarm System

In Pakistan we are only to provide Complete Alarm Monitoring System.

(Complete CMS setup, Support for CMS and Alarm System)

SHAUKAT Avionics offering you countless value added features and benefits with Patriot’s central station integrated solutions and cutting edge technology. There are many Patriot – Central Station Software, Alarm Monitoring Software reasons why alarm monitoring centers are turning to Patriot software to advance their monitoring business. Patriot software has a proven history of reliable operation; built around a powerful MS SQL database engine the software is dependable, robust and flexible with numerous fail-safe features.
SHAUKAT Avionics provide consultation and ongoing support services for all of our customers. we has a team of dedicated, experienced and qualified technical personnel.

All features you get in one box SAC-786 (European Standard)

The SAC-786 is a multi-line, multi-format IP / PSTN / Radio digital receiver for commercial fire and burglary monitoring. The base unit contains a CPM Card with IP support, and a PWR Card. With additional Line Cards, the receiver can be enabled to monitor up to 8 telephone lines. Adding an optional Radio Card to the system enables radio receiver functionality. The SAC-786 can receive and decode most of the popular and commonly used communication formats, for both IP and PSTN reception. See Appendix B. for details The SAC-786 stores all events with time and date stamped. All information is displayed on the large LCD screen, and the events may be printed and/or forwarded to a computer. To ensure security, all programming functions, including the adjustment of the real time clock and date is password protected.

Patriot is a evolving suite of Alarm Monitoring Automation programs which can be configured to suit the specific requirements of your CMS or ARC.

The power behind the Patriot system is its flexibility to be customized with an extensive range of optional modules that will ensure your CMS or ARC is equipped with the latest and most advanced monitoring tools to meet your clients’ needs and offer a premium range of services.

Patriot LITE

Patriot Lite is single user and will monitor up to 100 alarm clients. It is compatible with all popular alarm receivers and alarm formats including selected IP equipped alarm panels.

Like all Patriot packages, Patriot Lite uses an industry standard SQL database which provides speed, reliability and extensibility. Automated warm backups ensure that your data is protected at all times. Licensing for a backup server is included at no additional cost.

Patriot Lite has an extensive feature set. Optional modules may be added – these include: Email,
Text Messaging, IP Receiver Modules,
Patriot Lite is easily upgraded to Patriot Professional, or Patriot Enterprise. This will enable you to add the full range of Patriot optional modules as your business expands


Patriot Professional is designed for small to medium Alarm Monitoring and can be licensed for
250 – 25,000 alarm clients.

The rich feature set will meet all your monitoring needs.

Patriot Professional is multi user and can be hosted on peer to peer or server based networks. The power and flexibility of Patriot Professional make it ideal for monitoring stations licensed for up to 25,000 clients.

It is compatible with all popular alarm receivers, alarm formats and selected IP equipped alarm panels.

Patriot Professional uses an industry standard SQL database which provides speed, reliability and extensibility. Automated warm backups ensure that your data is protected at all times. Patriot includes licensing for a backup server at no additional cost.

Patriot Professional has an extensive feature set and a wide range of optional modules is available including E-mail, Text Messaging, , CCTV, Internet Client Access and more.

Patriot Professional is easily upgraded to higher client counts, additional workstations and to Patriot Enterprise. No reinstallation or database upgrade is required.

Patriot supports a comprehensive list of alarm formats including Contact ID, 3×1, 3×2, 4×1, 4×2, SIA, Contact ID Expanded, Ademco Fast, Radionics (Modem2 6112, 7112, 8112, 9112), IR Fast (supporting full text from the panel), IR Fast for 1000/2000 panels, IEI Direct Line, Acron Fast, Ademco Express, FBI Superfast, Silent Knight (5240, 7100, FSK 2, FSK continued), Healthlink, Atronica BS100, Europlex 3GS, Eltek 90/95 and many more.

Up to 16 digit numeric or alphanumeric account codes are supported. Each account code can then have up to 9999 areas (partitions). Patriot is also capable of receiving duplicate account numbers from different receivers (up to 99). Apart from the restriction of 99 duplicate account numbers, there is no limit on the number of receivers that can be connected up to Patriot.

New Receivers and Formats can be easily added through the use of the latest object oriented programming techniques, without disrupting the existing program.