Vehicle Tracking

Keep a track of your vehicle’s whereabouts with Track Plus and never let your car out of your sight again. With our vehicle tracking solution, we provide you with the facility of accurate and reliable coordinates of your vehicle’s location which is derived using satellites and GPS. Whether you doubt the vehicle driver, or have your car stolen, our vehicle tracking system will ease all of your problems. This improves efficiency of your business, improves driver behavior, as well as providing you with increased security in case of stolen or missing vehicles. We can customize your Vehicle Tracking solution for you according to your requirements or the demand of your business. By installing the tracking services you will have the following facilities:

  • Knowledge of accurate time and location of vehicle
  • Nationwide coverage of System
  • Allows you to place geo fences
  • Include No-Go Zones, Favorite Zones to secure vehicle
  • Battery Temper Monitoring
  • Helpful Customer Service available 24/7